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Going on a Journey
The Revived Ultimate Weapon
The Sealed Sand Water Tiger's Counterattack
The Sand's allies - The Leaf's shinobi
The craftsman goes out - The targeted Shukaku
A past I want to erase
Bringing Back Reality
The Respective Road
The enemy is "Shinobazu"
Rare artifact The importance of the Beauties of Nature
Power that should have been sealed
Genjutsu or Reality? Those Who Control the Five Senses
Kurenai's Top Secret Mission: The Promise with the Third Hokage
Yakumo targeted Sealed abilities
Kurenai`s Decision Team 8 Left Behind
Today's Announcement! Top 5 Battles with Sweat and Tear
Multiple Traps Countdown to Collapse
Working Hard on Active Duty The Strongest Helper
Missing the Mark The Visible Target
The ANBU Also Gave Up Naruto's Recollection
The Konoha 11 Gather!
Clash of Tears! Hot Blooded Teacher and Student Showdown
The Third Great Beast The Greatest Rival
Grotesque The Cursed Ghost Castle
Viva Training Group Challenge
Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise
Death Sentence "Cloudy With Some Clear Sky"
Byakugan Saw It! The Magnet User's Blind Spot
Underwater! An Inexhaustible Amount of Ninja Weapons
Mystery The Targeted Peddler
Open for Business!! Konoha House Moving Center
A legend has existed in Konoha
Inuzuka Kiba's Long Day
Enhance the Star's Brilliance
Meeting again The Time Left Behind
Hoshikage The Buried Truth.
Secret Technique Compensation of Peacock Mysteries.
Natsuhiboshi Remembered Lullaby
Encounter The Boy Named 'Hoshi'.
OH?! Please Mister Postman.
Zigzag running! Chasing being chased making a mistake
Dig Here! Woof! Woof! The Search for Buried Treasure
NO WAY! Celebrity Ninpou: Jutsu of Gold Element
Sea Battle The released power
Despair The broken heart
Sneaking The planned trap
Impact The closed door
Remembrance The lost page
Burn Zundou! Mix Stretch and Boil it up!
When Time Stands Still
The Helper Who Came Too Late
Tactician: Koumei's Speculation
A Cursed White Warrior
A Welcome Visitor Arrives The Green Beast? The Carnivore? ...The Welcomed Beast?
Will We Take It or Will It Be Taken From Us!? The Okay Temple's Battle
Enemy or Ally!? The Bratty Bounty Hunter
Everyone come with me! The Survival Scheme of Sweat and Tears
Run!!! The Curry of Life
Raiga's Counterattack!
The Creeping Dark Clouds
Byakugan's Natural Enemy
Reach your Heart! Fist of Love
The Funeral March Towards Those With life
Blazing Byakugan! This is My Way of the Ninja
Deceive Confuse and be Deceived! The Grand Bug Battle
How is it Different? Don't all bugs look the same!?
The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle
A Clash of Fate: You Can't Bring Me Down!
Leftover Ambitions Orochimaru's Shadow
Explosion! New Formation InoShikaChou
Rebirth of the Three Man Team Two People and One Animal
Run Tonton! We're counting on your nose
Three Villians of the Strictly Guarded Facility
Sakura's Decision
Two Heartbeats Kabuto's Trap
Terror! Orochimaru's Mansion
A pure betrayal. A fleeting wish.
The town of outlaws. The shadow of the Fuuma Clan.
Infiltration investigation?! A super S-Class mission has finally arrived!
The Promise That Couldn't Be Kept
Concluded in a rain of tears
Tearful Yell! You are my Friend.
Enlightenment. The secret of Mangekyou Sharingan.
Father and Son. The Cracked Family Crest
Itachi and Sasuke. An existence too far apart.
Determination for One Blow! Dance of The Seeding Ferns/ Unreachable Outcry
Showdown of the strongest! Gaara vs. Kimimaro!!
Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of the Sand!
The Beast Explodes! Burst Blow and Break Through
Konoha's Green Beast Appears
Fake! Shikamaru The Man Who Bets on The Revival of The Dead.
Our Separate Battles
Roar! Howl! The Ultimate Tag
Miscalculation: A New Enemy Appears!
The Vessel Arrives Too Late
360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan`s Blind Spot!/ Losing is Not an Option
Your Opponent is Me!
Good-Bye Old Friend! I'll Always Believe in You!
Full Throttle Power! Choji Ablaze!
Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!
Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad! /Sound vs. Leaf
An Invitation From the Sound
Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds
The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke
The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation
A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder!
Run Idate Run! Nagi Island Awaits!
The Race Is On! Trouble on the High Seas!
Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea
Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi Sensei's True Face!
The Sensei and the Student: Bond of the Shinobi
The Will of Fire Still Burns!
Tsunade's Warning: Ninja No More!
Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Springs Adventure!
The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!/ Deadlock! Sannin Showdown!
Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!
Breakdown! The Deal is Off!
A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice
Inheritance! The Necklace of Death
Unforgivable! A Total Lack of Respect!
An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart
Focal Point: The Mark of the Leaf
Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon!
A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!
Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan!
Roar Chidori! Brother vs. Brother!
Jiraiya: Naruto's Potential Disaster!
Eye to Eye: Sharingan vs. Sharingan!
Return of the Morning Mist
The Third Hokage Forever...
Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light
Naruto's Ninja Handbook
Light vs. Dark: The Two Faces of Gaara
An Assassin of the Moonlit Night
Sasuke's Decision: Pushed to the Edge
Astonishing Truth: Gaara's Identity Emerges!
Forbidden Secret Technique! Reaper Death Seal!
A Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed!
An Unrivaled Match: Hokage Battle Royale!
A Shirker's Call to Action: Layabout No More!
Village in Distress: A New A-Ranked Mission!
Zero Hour! The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins!
Bushy Brow`s Jutsu: Sasuke Style! / Late for the Show but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born!
Dancing Leaf Squirming Sand
Zero Motivation: The Guy with Cloud Envy!
Hit It or Quit It: The Final Rounds Get Complicated!
A Failure's True Power
Ultimate Defense: Zero Blind Spot!
Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Jutsu!
The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Arena!
Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed!
He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! Chief Toad Appears!
Live or Die: Risk It All to Win It All!
A Feeling of Yearning A Flower Full of Hope
The Summoning Jutsu: Wisdom of the Toad Sage!
Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!
Ebisu Returns: Naruto's Toughest Training Yet!
A Shadow in Darkness: Danger Approaches Sasuke
The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born
Lee's Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu!
Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes!
A Failure Stands Tall!
Byakugan Battle: Hinata Grows Bold!
Surprise Attack! Naruto's Secret Weapon!
Akamaru Unleashed! Who's Top Dog Now?
Killer Kunoichi and a Shaky Shikamaru
The Ultimate Battle: Cha!
Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious!
Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face-to-Face!
Bushy Brow's Jealousy - Lions Barrage Unleashed!
Narrowing the Field: Sudden Death Elimination!
Surviving the Cut! The Rookie Nine Together Again!
Clone vs. Clone: Mine are Better than Yours!
The Scroll's Secret: No Peeking Allowed
Akamaru Trembles: Gaara's Cruel Strength!
Battle Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!
Sakura Blossoms!
Bushy Brow's Pledge: Undying Love and Protection
The Sharingan Revived: Dragon Flame Jutsu!
Naruto's Counterattack: Never Give In!
Eat or be Eaten: Panic in the Forest
Special Report: Live from the Forest of Death! / The Chunin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death
The Tenth Question: All or Nothing!
Start Your Engines: The Chunin Exam Begins
Genin Takedown! All Nine Rookies Face Off!
Chunin Challenge: Rock Lee vs. Sasuke!
Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals
A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Exam!
The Demon in the Snow
The Weapons Known as Shinobi
White Past: Hidden Ambition
Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Shatters
The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight!
Haku's Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors
Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!
The Land Where a Hero Once Lived
The Forest of Chakra
Kakashi: Sharingan Warrior!
The Oath of Pain
The Assassin of the Mist!
A Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves!
You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision
Pass or Fail: Survival Test
Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?
My Name is Konohamaru!
Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!